Plant Family was founded by Ally of Aquarian Soul and Jes of Plant Makeup in late 2015. We wanted to bring together the top brands in natural beauty and herbal products who not only provide the best quality but go a step beyond to be earth friendly. We are a group of herbalists, medicine makers, and plant enthusiasts who have gathered together to also work towards preserving medicinal plants. Every member of the plant family has nature friendly practices whether its using compostable packaging, growing their own herbs, using organic ingredients or supporting local farms. All members on this list are striving towards making a difference for the planet.


The Founders


Aka: White Sage is the founder and owner of Aquarian Soul, a crystal infused wellness brand. She combines the healing energies of crystals with the potent plant medicine from the mountains and deserts in Southern California.


Aka: Wild rose is the owner and founder of Plant Makeup, a beauty brand made entirely out of plants. She created the concept of plant makeup, creating colors and tints entirely from her own grown herbs, berries and roses.


We are all about spreading and sharing the love of plants and inspiring a greater connection to nature. Being able to work with the earth is of the utmost positive work form, we strive to be able to have the natural beauty / products community reflect this. Trading with one another to encourage a family feel is a huge part of why the Plant Family was started. We want to support each other and honor each members unique voice. We strive to build a community between members no matter how far away we are from each other. Many people don't have a supportive community of herbalists or plant enthusiasts where they live, so we want to be able to create that place here with Plant Family. We all have a commitment to the integrity of plants, an enthusiasm to share natural products with the world and a sense of unity and love among all members. Each and every member does their part for the earth in some way so you can rest assured any product you buy from any Plant Family member is 100% wholesome for your body and the planet. Whether its starting a medicinal herb farm or garden, donating to plant related causes, using biodegradable labels or ethically gathering herbs from the wild- we all share a commitment to sharing our love of plants with the world, inspiring education and awareness of how beautiful our Earth is. We hope this community can inspire the world to be more loving and connected to nature.


United Plant Savers

Medic + Healers Council (for Standing Rock)

Farmacopia (California Wildfire Victims)


 Plant Family members strive to make their businesses as nature friendly / one with nature as possible, while supporting each other in the process.


We are surrounded by plant medicine you just have to open your eyes and take a look around you
— Ally