Intuitive Plant Medicine
to Apr 29

Intuitive Plant Medicine

Experience earth magic + discover your medicine!

Join Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries for an eight week online course in becoming a plant medicine person.

Dreamwork + Medicine Making + Earth Ritual + Shamanism + Meditation + Flower Essences + On-the-Body Treatments + Plant Allies + Earth Acupuncture + Land Healing + Earth Grids

Plants heal on all levels— physical, emotional and spiritual. In this course we honor the path of direct revelation, exploring the essential tools for developing a profoundly fine-tuned intuition and creating powerful personal connections with the plant realm. This course helps bring you into communion with the magic of the living world so that you can discover your own unique medicine (the medicine you are here to give to this world).

Registration closes April 28th! Sign up here!

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