Plant Family NEW MEMBER Application Form

Want to be a member of the Plant Family? We are looking to add brands/ herbalists that have a clear vision and range of products, a strong nature friendly initiative and overall an inspiring sense of positivity.

All Plant Family members agree to not overly wild harvest from the environment for their businesses.

Plant Family Membership is currently invite only, however, we offer three types of membership: Plant Family, Earth Member and Seed Member! Please apply below for consideration for any of these.

All memberships pay an annual fee of $10 (manual payment / optional choice to renew). Paying the fee is currently by the honor system. Feel free to check out using the 'Plant Family Membership' option in our shop once accepted.

All fees gathered are used for maintenance of our website and excess fees will be used to create fun plant fam merch for our shop or be donated to plant conservation organizations, in the name of the Plant Family!

Plant Family
This includes membership to the club, a welcome kit, access to our forum, delivery of our Plant Family newsletters, use of our Plant Family seal on any of your websites or products, and continued features on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Earth Members
Are business and individuals working with earth materials, not necessarily plant centered, but have a strong sense of eco friendliness. This membership includes a full bio with pictures feature on our Earth Member page, use of our Plant Family seal on any of your websites or products, possible features on our Instagram and Facebook, and inclusion in possible collaborations with the Fam.

Seed Members
This includes a your brand's logo featured on our Seed Member page and the opportunity to be re-review regularly for Plant Family or Earth Member status! We will contact you in the future if we choose to sprout you!

Thank you so much for your interest, we hope you will be a good fit for the fam!


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