Bringing People Together

We are a community of plant medicine makers spreading the message of plant love. Plant Family is all about strengthening the use of plants in our modern times. Our goal is to bring together herbalists, plant medicine makers and plant enthusiasts to build community. A place where we can come together to celebrate the magic of plants and spread the message of nature. We work with other medicinal plant organizations to bring an awareness and to spread our love for plants across the world.

Our Members


Meet the makers behind the brand. Learn how our members keep plant cycles going. Delve into their process, learn about the herbs they cultivate and how they mindfully harvest plants.





We have created a list of resources that might help guide you along your journey with plants. There are organizations you can join, books you can read, supplies you can purchase and organic seeds you can grow. Click through this list of resources to start!





We are honored and humbled to bring together this amazing group of plant makers. We have chosen these members for their dedication to conservation, giving back to the community, and partnerships with other non profits. These are all brands that are plant based, cruelty free, many are vegan friendly and are all full of love and are here to spread the message of herbal healing.  See the full list here.



My goal is to (re)connect people: to the earth, yes, but even deeper than that, to connect people, through the chaos and confusion of modern life, to the core of who they are



I focus primarily on the use of native west coast species, and I make products according to the seasons, taking great care to watch the plants throughout their growing cycle, harvesting them ethically at their optimal point of medicine


Bfree organics offers "Do it yourself" healing therapies ranging from skin repair, postpartum healing, wellness tinctures and oil based aromatherapy for men, women, children and families.


irish roots botanics

Irish Roots Botanics was born out of a desire to find body and spirit balancing and nourishment by way of herbal ritual. Founder, Ashley Finney is a trained community, folk herbalist and believer in the importance of connecting one self to the creative powers of mother nature and her offerings of magic and medicine

The ancient plant world speaks with no words, but through a language transferable to open hearts
— Jes